Angie’s in a Reading Slump :(

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This is the “slump” of my “reading slump”

Omg you guys, nooooooo. I’m in a reading slump. I started A Madness so Discreet but didn’t love it. So, I did exactly what I advocate against: I stopped reading. I stopped reading four days ago because I felt bad putting down a book, especially one I wasn’t even a third of the way through; and especially one that I just bought. Brand spankin’ new, too. But you know what? I need to get my act together. Reading makes me so flippin’ happy. I legit miss reading but I just don’t haven’t had it in me to put that book down, because I know that means that I may never finish it.

The problem with this book is that I only bought it because I liked the cover and synopsis. That may seem like a major “duh” right there, but here’s the deal: I deviated from YA SciFi/Fantasy and now I regret it. I found it in the “New For Teens” section at Barnes and Noble (my fave store EVER) and I should have known then that I should have been wary, but I bought it anyway. Actually, it was the first book I bought over Black Friday weekend and I was so excited about it. I love things about mental illness but this was just too fucking boring. And then she becomes a detective and I was like wuuu–?

It was basically a major “meh” and I refuse to let it last any longer! As soon as I take my work makeup off I’m snuggling down with tea and turtles and reading The Novice. And I shall do it all without pants. Can’t forget my pants. Photo on 12-2-15 at 6.11 PM #2

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