A Series a Month–2016 Reading Challenge

a series a monthI need something to keep me reading, even during a reading slump. Reading is incredibly important to me and I have reading “withdraws” when I go a day or two without books. To inspire me to read as often as I can, I’ve decided to partake ūüėČ in several challenges, one of them being

**Scroll down to see the photos of the books I plan on reading.**

Here’s the lowdown. ¬† I’m super excited to participate in “A Series a Month” that¬†Love at First Page¬†created. It’s just how it sounds, the rules are as follows:

    • The goal is to read one series every month in 2016.
    • It must be at least two full length books (one book + one novella does¬†not¬†count).
    • The series itself does not have to be completed in 2016, but you should read all published books in the series.
    • The books in your chosen series must be read within the same month (give or take a couple of days only). Reading one series over the course of six months does not count!
    • Re-reads count.
    • The books can be in any format and in any genre, and companion series do count.
    • Use the hashtag¬†#ASeriesAMonth¬†when posting your reviews/updates on social media.

*I’m going to add something that is going to make things a lot easier for me. I’m tailoring it to my needs and in order to get through all of these I’m going to just read the books after the ones I’ve read previously. Is that cheating? I hope not because that’s how I’m going to do it. For instance, I don’t want to re-read any of the Throne of Glass¬†because I wasn’t a huge fan. However, I do own the last books that’s been published and haven’t read it. I tried to, I didn’t, and it’s going to be part of the series that I’m going to read.

I’m going to make a schedule of the books. I don’t have a full-time job right now but I’m job hunting so it’ll happen one of these days! And when that day comes I probs won’t have much time to read while I’m being trained so right now, before I start my new job, I’m going to read a long ass series; probs going to be the City of Bones¬†series by Cassandra Clare. Every Booktuber super love her books so I’m probs going to start with hers. Not gonna lie, it’s not the one I’m most excited about but I’m going to tackle it anyway since everyone seems to love it ^_^

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