Angie’s Review Policy

Angie’s Review Policy for Authors, Publishers, and the Curious

The following is my review policy (well, several) for authors, publishers, and those of you who are just curious about how I do things.
  •  If you would like me to review your book, please email me with a synopsis. I don’t accept all books, given how many books I have to read. That being said, if I do accept your book, let it be known that a review will come when the time works best for me. If you want it reviewed by a certain time you need to include that in your email and we’ll work to figure something out but if you tell me you want it reviewed by a certain date I will let you know if it’s a yea or nay. have to approve the timeline before the book is mailed out.
  • I will not buy or return any books that are sent out to me; and what I do with those books are up to me, unless we decide on something before you send me the book.
  • I enjoy most YA fantasy/scifi/horror and especially dystopian world and action/adventure. I also read New Age non-fiction, though I’ll be more picky with those books. I’m not interested in realistic fiction; I live life, I don’t want to read about it.
  • It’s not likely that I’ll accept books for review from self-published authors; you can ask, sure, but you should know that that’s something I’m hesitant to do.
  • I accept e-books but I prefer physical books for review.
  • By accepting a review copy of a book I do not guarantee that I’ll finish it if I don’t like it. Whether or not I write a review of that book depends on my feelings toward it. In some cases, it’d be better for you not to have a review written, though it is up to me to make that decision and my decision will be final.
  • For the review books I finish I will review on my blog honestly and anywhere else I’ve agreed to post my review. I’m open to different platforms on which you’d like a review, but that is up to my discretion. I may or may not read and review unsolicited books.
  • I’ll do my best to read and review the books given to me in a timely manner, however, due to time constraints and other reading interests it may take longer for a review to be published. If you have a book that is due to be published soon, please let me know before you send the book so I can make the decision whether or not to push it up on my review list. In general I post my reviews on this blog ( and Goodreads. Lately I’ve started a BookTube channel which I will update semi-frequently, and I Tweet out of posts in case you miss some of the awesome-ness!

You can reach me at with any questions, comments, or book review requests.