Book Haul Time!

Who’s ready for a book haul? I just finished my second week at Barnes and Noble and OMG I HAVE AN EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT. Which is terrible for my bookshelves. Well, floor, because I legit don’t have any more room on my bookcases. Anywhoo, I want to share the awesome-ness with you; here are the books I’ve acquired:

    • Falling Kingdoms
    • Spelled
    • #Bossgirl
    • Evidence that the World is Basically Evil
    • Evidence that the World is Basically Good
    • The Write-Brain Workbook: 400 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing
    • Crystal Prosperity
    • The Clockwork Angel
    • The Clockwork Prince
    • The Clockwork Princess


    • It’s Gonna Be Okay
    • I’m Doing My Best

I also got the worlds cutest book-sized tote bag that is Peter Rabbit inspired and has a little bunny butt on the back of the tote bag. I had a decent haul from these past two weeks and I’m planning on blowing even more of my gift card in le new month of March. After the gift card is gone *sob* I’m going to have to curb my book spending. But in the meantime: GET ALL TEH BOOKS.

I also have a bunch of Netgalley books that–most of them–I’ve had for far too long. I need to actually go about reading them now o.O


    • Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga
    • Arkham Manor (the physical book is in the mail!)
    • La Santa Muerte (a book I have like, no interest in reading anymore)
    • Mindfullness in Motion
    • Black Widow: Forever Red (both a Netgalley ebooks and a book that I got at BN, pre-employee discount)
    • Lumiere
    • Passenger (a book I promised the author that I’d get in physical format)
    • The Ciphers of Muirwood
    • Nirvana
    • The Second Book of Crystal Spells


Just a fun note: If you buy books from the pics above I get a teensy bit of the purchase! Like, super teensy but still, it makes books more possible. 

Stalk me on teh interwebs, you have my permission.


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