Reviews of Book Series

Let’s do some reviews of book series, shall we?

(‘Cause Angie is too lazy to stop and review everything soooo reviews of book series instead!)

Hey y’all. I’ve been thinking (and reading, of course) that I’m going to attempt to do reviews of book series (like these!) instead of individual book reviews. I’ve been marathoning quite a few series and in the process I’m not flippin’ stopping to write individual reviews of the books I’m reading. On top of that, I fly through books so quickly that it just ain’t possible to catch them all. This is not to say that I won’t review a single book; I’m just too lazy when I marathon books to stop and do anything other than a review of books’ series.


Also, it was such a pleasure coming home to this smiling face after a long day at work. NOM NOM NOM DOG FOOD (Also, I have his support for my reviews of book series thingy.)

So, I shall reviews of book series that I read so I don’t have to stop! I know that it could be awful spoiler-y so I’m going to figure out a way to do that without ruining the series for you, maybe by adding


when I get too carried away. What do you think? Would you enjoy reading reviews of book series? I could always put my English degree to use and analyze all sorts of fancy stuffies that happens in the series. For instance: The Infernal Devices can be summed up like this: “Hmmmmm dreamy” and then I’ll actually say something worthwhile like, Why, I do say that was a fine book and you know why? BECAUSE THERE WAS HOT ASS IN IT. Like that; all scholarly and stuff like that.

I want to avoid instances like this where I felt like if I didn’t review I couldn’t keep reading


I actually splurged a few months ago and got three little reading journals, because, as awesome as Goodreads is, I just really like writing. I’m going to record the books I read and how quickly it takes me to finish a series and see where life goes from there. I shall mark my adventures on le blog but that shall keep me focused. I think. It’s the thought that counts.

Let’s see if I actually follow through with this one… (The blog, not the turtle. I always follow through with the turtles because I need to keep them alive and stuff like that.)

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Happy reading!