Happy New Year and Welcome Book Challenges

It’s that time of year again: time for me to commit to more than I will actually follow through with. There are just so many good books and awesome challenges that I want to try them all. Here’s what I’m going to do for my challenges. Some I made up, some I found and I’ll link you to those.


Read My Own Damn Books mixed with a personal challenge to get my reading % on Netgalley to 70%. It’s a tall order, one I very much want to fill, so I shall cross my fingers. As far as the Read My Own Damn Books, I’ll be doing paper books and Netgalley books. I’m going to gather the titles of all my ARCs, write them down and throw them in a jar. Every month I’ll jiggle the jar and pull out a title to be finished by the end of that month.

Also, this is so bad, I know, but this will include any books I buy in 2017 b/c I have book-buying problems.


I’ve been writing a discussion post for months now, about reading with ADHD. I still haven’t posted it because I want it to be perfect. 7 months later and it’s still not live. This is going to be my first discussion post of the year. I hope to be relatable for those of you struggling, and a new vision for those of you with no experience in the matter. #LetsDiscuss2017


My goal is to write two reviews every month in 2017 for a total of 24 book reviews. So far I haven’t written one in quite a while so I’m hoping this challenge will get me back on track.


I think out of all the challenges I’m most excited about this one. Below are some of the suggestions. I’m looking forward to this one so much because I love exploring new series. For instance, I’m dying to read more books in Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series because I MUST know how it ends and I MUST be able to read Lady Midnight. My goal is to read 12 books that are new to me. Below you’ll find a quote from the host’s site.

Anything “new” to you. For example…
–First time reading an author
–first book in a series
–first book you’ve read from a series (doesn’t have to be book one)
–first time trying a genre/subgenre
–a debut book from an author (even if you’ve read them before)

Then I have the miscellaneous ones:

  • I will participate at least two memes a month
  • And, probably the most important challenge: FIND MY KINDLE

Here’s How I’m Going to Protest Trump

When I saw the election results I was crushed…

For me and my friends and all the POC and LGBTQIA, the Muslims and the women. I don’t like feeling like I’m not in control. I think that’s true for most of us. I thought that there was nothing I can do about this situation, that the worst has come and there’s no bouncing back from this. Then I thought about it.

There is something I can doMany things I can do. I found an article on this topic so I picked a few things out that I can commit to that mean a lot to me.

  • I will volunteer with Planned Parenthood. Above pretty much all else, a woman’s right to her body, and I believe that abortion and birth control has helped give women back their lives. Before both, women were baby-makers and housewives. Birth  control gave us power. Abortion isn’t new. It’s been around for a long-ass time and our older women fought tooth-and-nail to give us that control. No man should ever have the right to take that away from me.I don’t know what I’ll be doing there. Ideally I’d be escorting women through protesters but we shall see! Trump and Pence want to do away not only with abortion but with Planned Parenthood. No. No freaking way.


  • I’m going to donate to food banks and when I can’t do that I’m going to work at the soup kitchen. Right now all my food goes to me or my pets but I’d love to give as much as I can. Right now, that means that I will give my time and service. Trump doesn’t care about people living in poverty. I’m going to care for them since our new president won’t.


  • When I’m able, I’ll support journalism by buying print magazines/newspapers. For now I will read news on the internet, particularly news on Muslim-Americans and Islam. I don’t want to read the Q’uaran, it looks super boring (terrible reason, I know) but I do want to be more knowledgable on the matter so I can defend and educate people who hate on/attack Muslims.

    As you’ve heard, Trump wants to sue journalists and create a total and complete ban of Muslims in the US. That includes refugees.


  • Trump doesn’t believe in climate change, so I’m going to do my part. I’m going to change how I use energy and renew, recycle, reuse and do fuller loads of laundry and dishes, and take shorter showers.I

I’ve got this shit, guys. I’m not going down without a fight. This is me protesting Trump. I will never call Donald my president and I won’t let him take America down with him.

August TBR


This will be the second time I’ve made a TBR list in my life. Not even my blogging life; just my whole life. I play my reading life by ear, and that’s sometimes why I’ll go days or weeks without picking up a new book. I have so many flippin’ books that it’s hard to decide what to read. Book blogger problems, right?

A Netgalley ARC/Physical ARC

the inquisition

The Inquisition by Taran Matharu Netgalley that is a continuation of a series that I loved (well, I loved the first and only book up to this point). I’ve had it for quite some time now, first as an e-book and then as a physical book because the publisher was kind enough to send me the physical book as well, a format I prefer over e-books. I’ve almost gotten halfway but The Red Queen distracted me. Oops. Never fear, it’s on my TBR for August!

Finish a Series and Read a New Release for 2016

I’m so totes cheating for this month’s TBR. I’m going to read A Court of Mist and Fury. I loved the first books, A Court of Thorns and Rosesbut even though I’ve started this book a million times I haven’t kept up with it.

I was tempted to say that I’ll be reading Glass Sword this coming month but I’m halfway through it this month so I’m not going to include Glass Sword; I’ll just need to finish that thang ASAP.

A Physical Book for Review & Post Review

Ensnared by AG Howard. I’ve had this for ages and I absolutely loved the first two and reviewed Splintered, but for some reason I just never finished the third book. I’ve decided to start reviewing whole series as opposed to individual books because I read faster than I review, especially with series that I love. LINK

A book From My Instagram Account

I made it about 1/4th of the way through Library of Souls and I put the book down and never picked it up again. Quirk Books was kind enough to send me this book along with two others LINK and I want to continue to review for them. There are several books of theirs that I have my eye on and this was one of them so let’s get a review from it already!

A Kindle Unlimited Book

Wicca for Beginners. Wicca is a fascinating religion and I can’t stop reading about it.

A Comic Book

arkham manor batman

Arkham Manor a Batman comic book. It’s about darn time I finish this thing!

I will buy these books and only these books

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J K Rowling. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL TONIGHT.

BOOM. There you have it, my August TBR 2016. <3


Tarot, My Other Blog, and Library Book Sales

It’s taking me a while to figure out how much of my life I want to put on my blog. For starters, I don’t know how much I should share about my spiritual journey; nor do I think it has any relevance for this blog. But it’s a part of me and I want to do what I’m best at: BROADCAST IT ALL OVER THE INTERNET. Like that, see? See how easy that was? But I’m going to show a big of restraint because I’m a big girl and all that jazz.

So, what I’m going to do is write my happy little ass off on both my book blog and the blog I have where I review and practice Tarot and explore other parts of my spiritual life. You’ll find in the blog roll to your right my “Tarot blog” of sorts so you
can pop on over there and take a look at some of my readings.

the lovers TarotOn a note related to this blog, I share with you the boring news that although I’ve read a TON of new books lately, I haven’t been posting reviews of them. If you follow me on Goodreads then you’ll know that most of what I’ve been reading this year has been non-fiction, and said non-fiction reading has been all over the place.

For instance, I recently read The Queen of Distraction, a book on women with ADHD and how to cope with it. I also read the two books in the “Wicca” series, Wicca Candle Spells and Wicca Crystal Spells. For the latter two, I don’t know where I’m going to post the review. I’ve posted reviews of Tarot books on this blog (and a deck of cards) before, but now that I have the new blog I’m not sure where they should go. I’m leaning toward keeping them on this site because they are, first and foremost, books (duh) so they belong here. I just don’t know if they also belong in the new blog where I explore my spirituality.

Non-fiction being addressed and then set aside, I’ve read a number of fiction books (YA, of course), the latest being CHERUB: The Recruits. Goddess give me the strength not to run over to Barnes and Noble and buy the next book on the series. Also, a library book sale happened…

…oops, bag sale. I don’t think I can ever type up the titles of all the books I got from the library bag sale (5 bags!) but I may attempt to do another BookTube video where I toss them all at you (‘cept you don’t get to keep them ’cause they’re MINE).

I have a Kindle Unlimited account and am loving it. I’m spending less on Kindle Unlimited than I would spend on library fines for not turning in books on time. Don’t get me wrong, I love the library, I’m just not very good at getting things turned in before/on the due date. Kindle Unlimited offers me a host of books that I couldn’t get from the library; books I really want to read but that I don’t want to buy for $2.99. I’ve found that the books I want to read on Kindle Unlimited usually go for about $2.99 so in order to get my monies worth, I need to read at least 3 or 4 books. Oh bummer, more reading 😉 I’ll give it two months and then reevaluate my decision to subscribe.


June 2016 TBR

June TBR: The First TBR List I’ve Made

I’ve created a very organized  list in order to better my reading situation. I have a bunch of ARCs that haven’t seen the light of day yet and a lot of them I’ve had for more than 6 months, some I’ve even had a year or more. I request these books with good intentions but I just keep finding other books to read or, as is quite likely the case, I get overwhelmed by the amount of books I have to review so I keep choosing other books in order to avoid reading the books I’ve committed to. Weird mentality but I’m sure most of you can sympathize with me.

I’ve attempted to include as many ARCs/review books for each of these catagories in order to get shit done more efficiently. I’m excited to find out if I actually end up sticking to this list. Here’s what I’ve decided to read in the month of June:

A Series: The Muirwood trilogy

I’ve already reviewed the first book, The Banished of Muirwoodfor the publisher via Netgalley and they were kind enough to send me the physical copy of the book, the format I prefer (both for the reading experience and the possibility of taking pics of it on le Instagram).

I was actually quite surprised to find that I enjoyed the first book immensely. It’s a hit or miss with publishers I don’t know well, in this case it was 47 North, and the book was def a HIT.

I’m going to finish a series to the most recent book: A Court of Mist and Fury

I’ve a court of mist and furychosen A Court of Mist and Fury (ACOMAF) because I was looking forward to it for ages, after having read the first–A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR)–and loving it. Sarah J. Maas’ Throne of Glass series interested and impressed me less and less as the books went on and by the time The Queen of Shadows came out I was fed up with it. I purchased The Queen of Shadows for the sake of owning the whole series, and I desparetly hoped that The Throne of Glass series would not only improve, but make me love the series.

I ended up putting down The Queen of Shadows and when I picked up ACOMAF the week it came out, I put it down again. This book will not slip through my fingers like TQOS did. I am determined to love this book. The problem was, it takes place pretty much right after the first and I’m expected to remember the first book, everything that went on, with no recap; something I was failing miserably at. I think it’s time to Wiki that series and keep trudging through it.

An ARC of a continuing series I loved: The Inquisition

And the winner is The Inquisition by Taran Matharu who, by the way, became a NYT Bestsellingthe inquisition author (woot!). I bought the first book of The Summoner series, The Novice, on a whim during the Black Friday sale that Barnes and Noble was having and fell in love. It was the cover that made me buy it, and the fact that it reminded me of a fave childhood series, Bartimaeus Sequence. I originally received this as a Netgalley ARC but was also sent a physical copy (thank you, Feiwel and Friends!) and I just LOVE the cover.

A Netgalley ARC: The Passenger...

Tthe passengerhe Passenger by Alexandra Bracken wins the nomination here, hands down. I was super-duper thrilled to get this as a Netgalley ARC and, although I never heard back about getting the physical copy, I keep seeing in the stores and I CANNOT NOT READ THIS LIKE NOW. Though I have lost hope on getting the physical copy for review, this isn’t going to stop me from reading this book and reviewing it. This is def a book that will be read this month, hands down, no questions asked.

A non-fiction (self-help) book: The Queen of Distraction…

I’ve chosen The Queen of Distraction. When I was a teen I was diagnosed with ADHD, a diagnosis thaQueenofDistractionCF.inddt is still true today, and it’s affecting all areas of my life, including reading. I’ve been editing and re-editing a post where I tell you guys what it’s like to read with ADHD but I haven’t posted it yet because it’s such a big deal, a big part of my life, that I want to do it right. While I work on the post I’m going to read a book or two on how to manage my life without medication (I’m not at all against medication, it’s just something I’m striving to do without the aid of meds).

I have four books on the subject, none of which I’ve finished, so I’ve chosen this one to read this month because it’s the shortest of the bunch. The other books I have on managing my symptoms of ADHD are: Survival Tips for Women with AD/HD; You Mean I’m Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! and Delivered from Distraction. It was a toss up among these for because I got them based on their reviews so I trust that they’ll give me what I need. They are also very different from each other, but give me what I need to know to manage my life.

So, The Queen of Distraction by Terry Matlen wins for this months’ TBR.

A comic: Batman’s Arkham Manor…

I’ll be reading Arkham Manor, a DC Batman comic book that is going to be a very quick read. In fact, I may just read the whole thing today. It was given to me as a Netgalley book but I was also sent the hard copy, my first and only hard copy of a comic book. It was a random happenstance that I received this book in physical form as well (thank you so much, DC!).

I’ve only really read Marvel comics so I’m so incredibly excited to try something new.

A book on spirituality: The Second Book of Crystal Spells

I’ve chosen to read The Second Book of Crystal Spells published by Llewellyn Worldwide, a publishing company I’m familiar with, having read m any of their books and used a Tarot set of theirs. I have three reasons for reading The Second Book of Crystal Spells. One of the reasons would be to better my understanding of all the uses of healing crystals; the other being my hope that if I keep reviewing their ebooks, they’ll eventually send me physical books to review; and, finally, it’s a Netgalley read, which would knock another Netgalley book down.

There you go, here’s my June TBR!

The first TBR pile I’ve ever fully committed to reading. Keep checking back to see how this goes 😀 Happy reading!

Be sure to follow me on some form of social media to keep up with the books I’m reading (like reading my picture journal on Instagram). Or, you could Tumbl(r) into my other blog (get it, GET IT I’M SO FUNNY GET IT). I’m also on Twitter if none of these be your thang as well as Facebook and YouTube (but I’m not actively updating it). Oh, also, Pinterest, the Destroyer of My Lunch Breaks.


The Sunday Post 5/15/16

sunday post meme
A lot has happened in my life that left my blog unattended. I’ve resigned from my position as a merch manager at my bookstore, I’ve turned in my reward points for a Barnes and Noble gift card.

As far as my book blog goes: I’ve received a bunch of ARCs from publishers through both my bookstore job and my life as a book blogger. I’ve loaded my online cart with books I really want to own but just haven’t yet and I’ve officially given up on cleaning my apartment (non sequitur much?).the crown's gamethe outliers

I also got back on Instagram though I haven’t posted much. On Twitter I’ve been a busy bee, by both defending feminists from the online any swarms of woman-hating wasps (oh, interwebs, you so funny) and retweeting contests that offer books I’m DYING to read.

I’ve been stalking all the posts about assholes selling ARCs that they got from BEA (dudes, just be happy you got to go there. This girl can’t afford to yet…) and feeling sad for the authors and astounded that any book-lover would do something like that.

I decided that I’m going to try something new since my lazy ass won’t review books as regularly as necessarily; something that I’m quite excited about (#grammarfail) because it’ll keep me posting interesting thingy-ma-bob-ers: reviews of book series that I’ve read rather than planning on reviewing individual books that I never get around to. The problem is that I read faster than I can blog so my blog has been put on the back burner, even though it’s one of the things I love most.

I’ve hit another reading slump, where my time has been devoted to Hulu, where I fry my brain cells with way too much TV. It’s to the point where I’m worried my brain won’t be able to handle reading. Which me luck, peeps, that I’ll be once again become my true self and have my head in a book and this blog.

I haven’t been following up with my reading challenges, which I believe may be part of the reason why I haven’t been reading. I was so excited to participate but then work got in the way and I totes forgot that’s what I was doing.

As for this coming week, I’m hoping to review one or two books I’ve received from publishers, starting with The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy and The League of Regrettable Superheroes by Quirk Books, one of my favorite publishers of all things awkward and awesome.

I also have to get my ass in gear and keep up with all my other social media for this blog (Tumblr, Twitter, this freaking blog, Instagram, Facebook, Google + and all that jazz) because I absolutely LOVE social media and I’ve been sad that I’ve been away for this long. (To the right and the bottom of this post  you’ll find the buttons to follow my lovely self so check them and in case they’re more your thing than this.)

Keep checking back for more memes, Sunday Posts’, book hauls, and reviews! Follow me on any of the social media thingies that you are glued to, much like I am. I’m considering doing another Booktube post on my new channel (links to follow if I do act on that) so I shall keep you posted on those developments. While I love recording my reading via video, the editing process is beyond me and incredibly frustrating so I’ll probs be sticking with my written blog for the most part.

Whelp, be sure to follow me on some form of social media to keep up with the books I’m reading (like reading my picture journal on Instagram). Or, you could Tumbl(r) into my other blog (get it, GET IT I’M SO FUNNY GET IT). I’m also on Twitter if none of these be your thang as well as Facebook and YouTube (but I’m not actively updating it). Oh, also, Pinterest, the Destroyer of My Lunch Breaks. 

Peace, homies, and super-duper happy reading to you!

Reviews of Book Series

Let’s do some reviews of book series, shall we?

(‘Cause Angie is too lazy to stop and review everything soooo reviews of book series instead!)

Hey y’all. I’ve been thinking (and reading, of course) that I’m going to attempt to do reviews of book series (like these!) instead of individual book reviews. I’ve been marathoning quite a few series and in the process I’m not flippin’ stopping to write individual reviews of the books I’m reading. On top of that, I fly through books so quickly that it just ain’t possible to catch them all. This is not to say that I won’t review a single book; I’m just too lazy when I marathon books to stop and do anything other than a review of books’ series.


Also, it was such a pleasure coming home to this smiling face after a long day at work. NOM NOM NOM DOG FOOD (Also, I have his support for my reviews of book series thingy.)

So, I shall reviews of book series that I read so I don’t have to stop! I know that it could be awful spoiler-y so I’m going to figure out a way to do that without ruining the series for you, maybe by adding


when I get too carried away. What do you think? Would you enjoy reading reviews of book series? I could always put my English degree to use and analyze all sorts of fancy stuffies that happens in the series. For instance: The Infernal Devices can be summed up like this: “Hmmmmm dreamy” and then I’ll actually say something worthwhile like, Why, I do say that was a fine book and you know why? BECAUSE THERE WAS HOT ASS IN IT. Like that; all scholarly and stuff like that.

I want to avoid instances like this where I felt like if I didn’t review I couldn’t keep reading


I actually splurged a few months ago and got three little reading journals, because, as awesome as Goodreads is, I just really like writing. I’m going to record the books I read and how quickly it takes me to finish a series and see where life goes from there. I shall mark my adventures on le blog but that shall keep me focused. I think. It’s the thought that counts.

Let’s see if I actually follow through with this one… (The blog, not the turtle. I always follow through with the turtles because I need to keep them alive and stuff like that.)

Whelp, be sure to follow me on some form of social media to keep up with the books I’m reading (like reading my picture journal on Instagram).

Or, you could Tumbl(r) into my other blog (get it, GET IT I’M SO FUNNY GET IT). I’m also on Twitter if none of these be your thang as well as Facebook and YouTube (but I’m not actively updating it). Oh, also, Pinterest, the Destroyer of My Lunch Breaks. 

Happy reading!