Houston, I’m Clear for Take-Off!

I’ve been gone so long, you guys. Too long for my liking. I’ve been reading my butt off and not writing about it; but I have been writing a new story. It’s starting out as fan fiction of Grim, but I’m hoping–like with the case of E. L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey–it can turn into something more (‘cept my story will actually be good).

Writing is really important to me too so I’ve had a fair amount of time to do that; unfortunately I only re-started writing two days ago. I’m on a roll though! I’m keeping my writing blog private but if you email me wanting the URL, there is a very slight chance I’ll give it to you (which is more of a chance that NO CHANCE AT ALL LOLZ). Trust is necessary and all dat jazz. It’s a secret b/c it’s very adult-y material. ‘Cause it’s more fun that way 😉

In order to prepare for the plot I have The Writer’s Idea Thesaurus, a book that’s chalk-full of ideas for plots, all from Fred White’s imagination. And for that, I thank you, Fred White. I’m absolutely terrible at figuring out plots and I’m starting to formulate one as we speak.

Then there’s the other reading I’ve been doing. OMG you guys. I read The 5th Wave in seven hours, non-stop reading (well, except for bathroom breaks), and it is AWESOME. Just flippin’ AWESOME. I started The Infinite Sea about a week ago but I haven’t gotten into it. Honestly, that’s probably because I’ve been watching so much TV (binge-watching Grim). I need to get my reading ass back in gear!

I procured a reading journal that is pretty awesome. It lets you document pretty much everything about the book from the date you started and ended to the publication date and your notes on the whole shebang. I’m so disappoint that I’ve only read ONE BOOK so far this year. That’s just sad, guys.

I was stressing out because I’m reading faster than I can blog but then I looked at my shelf and I realized that I have plenty of books to read that I will review. Right now I’m going to try to read a review book every other week in order to catch up–if not every week. I have some books from like two years ago. Not cool, Angela, not cool.

Anywhoo, let’s all get reading on the count of 3. Oooonnnneeee, twwwwooooo, THREEREAD! 


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