I Love You, Black Friday

Since Black Friday I’ve kinda been going book crazy. Nothing new about that except that I’m buying new books….from a new book-bookstore: Barnes and Noble. Duh, only the best bookstore to ever exist.

I’ve never bought so many new books before but the coupons

I have haven’t given me a choice not to buy these books. I’m going to attempt to BookTube again (I totally FAILED last time I tried) so that I can do a book haul. Now, I have two more coupons left which means I may acquire a 14th and 15th book since Black Friday. Oops. I’ve also been frequenting library book sales and have several hardcover books in MINT condition.

The following is a working list of the books I’ve gathered so far:

  1. The Book of Dust
  2. The Fallen Kingdom
  3. Otherworld
  4. Warcross
  5. This Mortal Coil
  6. Diary of a Haunting: Book of Shadows
  7. Royal Bastards
  8. Dividing Eden 
  9. The Siren
  10. School of Good and Evil
  11. Dazzling Heights
  12. The Empress
  13. Renegades
  14. All the Crooked Saints  (Cheating a bit with this one, I bought it a while ago at Kepler’s at an author’s signing.)
  15. Wonder Woman

Whew! That’s a lot of books to acquire when I already have so many books that I cannot fit them all in my house (a bookcase in my garage houses all my comic books and some odd books that I’m no longer interested in).

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