Page-to-Page Tarot Art: Lowbrow Tarot

Lowbrow Tarot: An Artistic Collaborative Effort in Honor of Tarot Book Cover Lowbrow Tarot: An Artistic Collaborative Effort in Honor of Tarot
Aunia Kahn, Russell J. Moon
New Age
October 1st, 2012
Schiffer Publishing

A mixture of Tarot books and Tarot decks to create beauty

Never reviewed a Tarot art book before. I’ve got this snitch (er, I’ve got this Lowbrow Tarot book).

I’m not going to lie, I thought I was getting a deck.  Tarot Gothica, Tarot of the Night, and Lowbrow Tarot package surprised me when I opened it. The Lowbrow Tarot book is, well, a book, and I didn’t expect that. The whole purpose of my new blog was to review Tarot decks and Tarot books. It only took me a few moments, once I opened the book, to realize that the Lowbrow Tarot is a beautiful mixture of the two.

There are many ways to read the Lowbrow Tarot…

I read it mainly for the pictures, not so much the backstory from each author but I did find many of them memorable. On the right margin the author offers an interpretation of the card they drew and a bit about themselves. At first I was interested in the pictures more than the interpretations. I quickly found that I was able to understand the cards more if I payed attention to both the artist and their creation. Reading the author’s note on their card took away some of my freedom of interpretation.  I found, though, that there are many ways to read–and use–this book.

The creativity of the authors’ cards were astounding, even if I didn’t love them all. Most of them made me wish that these authors would create their own deck out of the card they displayed.

Female nudity is a common element in many of many Tarot decks.  Did that bother me? Not at all. A beautiful naked woman is something to be celebrated. The Lowbrow Tarot book explored female nudity when it was present.

How I interacted with the Lowbrow Tarot art book…

I found a way to interact with the cards from the book. I like to draw a card and sleep with it under my pillow. So I flipped to a random page and studied the card and kept it in mind for the following day.  Tarot for Life (my go-to Tarot book) gave me some insight and I cross-referenced that with what the artist of the card had to say on the matter. I made my own conclusion once I read the artist’s work and the Tarot book.

This was a happy surprise, though I would prefer to stick to decks and instructional Tarot books. The Lowbrow Tarot book made me realize how darn beautiful each Tarot card can be. Each card had so much thought and meaning put into it.  It’s my job to read a card both by looking at it, knowing some of what it stands for, and using my intuition. I love it when a card speaks to me without me struggling to understand it. While not all of these cards did that, many, many did and that’s what makes me confident to say that this book was beautiful.

Thank you Schiffer for giving me this amazing book and two other interesting decks. I hope to continue to review for you in the future. I’m so happy you let me review for you.

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