Memes: W.W.W. and Wishlist Wednesday

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for more memes!


I did the WWW meme last Wednesday and my answers sure have changed since them. I predicted I’d be reading City of Stairs or Fiddlehead. I was half right, I went on to read Fiddlehead after Suffer the Children and then I finished it yesterday so now I’m reading Throne of Glass, which I definitely did not see coming.

I was having a down day so I bought myself a book from Barnes and Nobel to cheer myself up. (I’m cheered up now!) Loving this book so far. I’ve been focusing on Scifi so I haven’t read much fantasy as of late, it used to be my favorite genre. Throne of Glass is a great book to get me back into fantasy.

I have a few books to read (I have yet to make my BookTube BookHaul on the Friends of the Library books I got) so it’s going to be whatever catches my eye first. If I finish Throne of Glass before my Book Outlet books get here then I’ll probably move on to City of Stairs though that may change, depending on what catches my eye. Basically, there’s almost no way to predict what I’ll be reading next but it’s still fun to do so!

Keep an eye out for my review of Fiddlehead and a written review of Suffer the Children (I linked up above to my YouTube video review).

Wishlist Wednesday

I cannot wait to own all of The Mortal Instruments series. I have yet to read even the first but from what I’ve read it looks like a series I’d very much enjoy. I’m going to have to wait a while to get it until after my *gasp* oral surgery because this operation is going to leave me dirt-poor but I have high hopes for this series, and the series also by this author (I’m assuming it’s Steampunk) The Infernal Devices.

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