Recap & What’s to Come

So I got a whole bunch of no-reading done last week. I had emergency oral surgery and to celebrate the infected tooth being removed from my mouth I vowed to read as many books as I could. Whelp, Codine had other plans for me. I got absolutely no reading done, but much sleeping and healing.

I have a reading journal that I’m just dying to write in this January but I haven’t finished a book yet so I can’t add anything, which is driving me crazy.

Being on Codine has def slowed down my thinker so it’s no surprise it’s slow going…

I went to see Pierce Brown speak at Books Inc. but got there WAY too late. I didn’t get a seat and my bad back threw a bitch-fit and so I had to leave early. I didn’t get a signature, or a picture, but I got to see his and Andy Weir’s awesome humor which made the travel worth it.

I honestly don’t know how much reading I’m going to get done. In a perfect world, I’d read 2 to 3 books every week b/c I’m most happy when I’m reading. Realistically, being hopped up on painkillers makes it hard to read.


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