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You all know that I have an obsession with books; but you may not know that I collected Tarot cards. Do I use them? Not often, but I look at them almost daily and my professional, procrastinating self has ever intention of picking a card every day for inspiration…eventually. No, it wasn’t all about domestic living; that was just the icing on the cake–what made it such a fun deck.

In my collection I have Zombie Tarot, Steampunk Tarot, Rider Waite Tarot, and Royo Dark Tarot. It wasn’t until this deck that I realized that I can actually use all the tarot decks I have to inspire me to write and help others with their lives.

The cool thing about Tarot is that it doesn’t have to be a divination tool. It can be a writers inspiration tool, an introspective look for both the reader and the listener, and something super-duper fun to do with friends. This deck was funny but it still was usable for all the former styles of reading.

Desires and Fears: 1. This will get me ahead; 2) This will set me back; 3) This is misleading me 4) this promises good luck.

The deck comes with a booklet that gives the keywords of the minor and major arcana cards with a witty paragraph explaining what the card could mean for the housewife’s card reading. There are intricate card spreads in the form of recipes, that form a dinner plate setting–“The Dinette,” “The Clothesline of Life,” and “The Martini,” to name a few. I decided that I wasn’t advanced enough to tackle those spreads but when I have more practice (and patience!) I will definitely try The Dinette.

The booklet that comes with the cards make it easy for the novice reader to begin with. The Housewives Tarot would also make for an inspiring read for the writer. While I write primarily YA Fantasy, these cards will still work well. The pictures give me a good sense of what the cards mean and the cards themselves provide insight into the working of human beings’ relationships with each other. That is priceless. The pictures provide a distraction-free setting, they don’t have too much going on like my Steampunk deck, but they still do the trick. I’m able to draw meanings from the pictures and the suit, court, or major arcana cards themselves, with the traditional meanings.

Booklet and suit of Wands

I’ll be using these cards semi-regularly for my readings and my writing, especially when it comes to relationships. Allow me to express my feelings about this deck:

Dude. Dudette. These cards are da bomb. They’re funny, they’re fun, and they read like the average deck, but also are a great novelty item to your collection.

Happy reading, writing, and divination to you, dear readers. I need practice so if you’d like a reading I’m happy to help ^__^ Thank you Quirk Books so very much for sending me this deck. It was my pleasure.

They were all reversed cards, which has their own meaning

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