Review of Horrorstor

What a lovely–OH SWEET BABY JESUS 

The story starts out from the POV of Sam, an employee at a wanna-be Ikea. She’s late and she worries about being fired. That’s how the book starts out. I didn’t feel like I got to know her much at all in the beginning. It was like Grady Hendrix threw a main character at me and expected me to know her, to love her. The ending was cliche. I knew what was going to happen. The mean guy turns around and becomes a nice guy. That’s until the latter part of the book when he reverts back to his old self. Duh. Nothing special about it. Perhaps the only part that I didn’t see coming was a death.

The cool thing about this book is how it’s setup like an Ikea catalog. And I mean just like an IKEA catalog. The front of the book shows furniture with price tags, a living room inside of a giant store. Oh yeah, and a demonic face with no mouth and wide eyes trying to get through the picture frame of the otherwise ordinary Ikea catalog cover.The back, though. The back is really cool. It shows the same scene but with everything destroyed by whatever force was taking over at night. There you go, that’s the good part about the book. It’s layout and it’s cover.
Like Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and Asylum it’s a freaky story. It’s massively weird in most places and scary (and then boring) in others.
Would I recommend that you purchase this book? No. I wouldn’t. I’d recommend that you go to a bookstore and look at the cover and maybe open it to see just how much like an Ikea catalog it is. Quite impressive, though I won’t tell you that the story is.