Shelf Control: Between the Spark and the Burn

shelf control book blog meme wednesday

I have no shelf control (but we already knew that)

Between the Spark and the Burn from Goodreads:

Freddie once told me that the Devil created all the fear in the world.
But then, the Devil once told me that it’s easier to forgive someone for scaring you than for making you cry.
The problem with River West Redding was that he’d done both to me.

The crooked-smiling liar River West Redding, who drove into Violet’s life one summer day and shook her world to pieces, is gone. Violet and Neely, River’s other brother, are left to worry—until they catch a two a.m. radio program about strange events in a distant mountain town. They take off in search of River but are always a step behind, finding instead frenzied towns, witch hunts, and a wind-whipped island with the thrum of something strange and dangerous just under the surface. It isn’t long before Violet begins to wonder if Neely, the one Redding brother she thought trustworthy, has been hiding a secret of his own . . .

It’s no secret that I have no shelf-control when it comes to books, and Between the Spark and the Burn is one of those problems

between the spark and the burn

Shelf Control: The second book I HAD to get RIGHT. AWAY.

Shelf Control is a meme created and hosted by Bookshelf Fantasies and I’m excited to make my first post for this meme. The idea is that you highlight a book you want to read–with a catch. It has to be a book you already own. This is easy  for me, and I’m cheating a bit. (Don’t tell anyone…she says to the whole world.)

How I’m cheating and showing no shelf control with Between the Spark and the Burn

I bought this book last night, even though I told myself I wouldn’t buy anymore books. But I had to! I finished the first book in the series, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea by April Genevieve Tucholke , and absolutely loved it. I looked for it online but found that with my discount from the bookstore the book would be dramatically cheaper than Amazon (Crazy, right?) so I ordered the second and final book in that series, Between the Spark and Burn. I cannot wait for it to arrive. I feel a tad bit bad for buying it when I promised myself that I wouldn’t but it was only about a dollar or so more than a Starbucks Venti Chai Tea Frap. And I have one of those everyday.

between the devil and the deep blue sea

Shelf Control: The first book in the series, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

When I got it:

At the beginning of April when I went to see the author speak in San Jose, along with Sabaa Tahir and Alison Goodman! I bought the first book, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, from the local bookstore where the authors were speaking which is not something I ordinarily do, given that I have a membership with Barnes and Noble that’ll get me a discount on every book I buy.

I ordered Between the Spark and the Burn online from Barnes and Noble late last night when I finished the first book. Like, right after I finished it. I couldn’t wait a second longer and none of the stores had it in 🙁

Why I want to read Between the Spark and the Burn:

 Because the first book rocked and I want to continue the series to see where it ends. I don’t always finish every series that I start *cough Throne of Glass cough* 

So, yep, there it is. The book that I own but that I haven’t received yet. Super-duper excited to finish the series. Def pick up the first one. A review of the series will be coming shortly after I finish the second <3

Happy reading, everyone!

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    • ^_^ Do, she’s great! So I actually never ordered the second one, I realized after I posted this, so I got it as an e-book. I almost finished it and then, a week later, I still haven’t.

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