I Can’t NOT Rearrange My Bookshelves


Book Blogger Hop

Do you re-arrange and move books around on the shelves or move books off of your bookshelves to another area after a certain amount of time or do you just leave them the way they are?

I move my books all the time. No placement will satisfy me more than a few weeks. I get a book high when I rediscover books I haven’t read but want to read. Usually I have a bookcase for (some) of my series and another for #booksfortrade and ARCs to review. On that bookcase I also have books on my TBR.

Right now I can’t figure out how to sort the books because I have too many I should rid of. Those books I know I should #booksfortrade but I just cannot part with them.  They are being wasted, though, sitting on my bookshelves, and I know that they’ll never be read unless I do something about t hat. They should have wonderful new homes. Rearranging a bit more will hopefully get me to pass those on.

The Sunday Post 5/15/16

sunday post meme
A lot has happened in my life that left my blog unattended. I’ve resigned from my position as a merch manager at my bookstore, I’ve turned in my reward points for a Barnes and Noble gift card.

As far as my book blog goes: I’ve received a bunch of ARCs from publishers through both my bookstore job and my life as a book blogger. I’ve loaded my online cart with books I really want to own but just haven’t yet and I’ve officially given up on cleaning my apartment (non sequitur much?).the crown's gamethe outliers

I also got back on Instagram though I haven’t posted much. On Twitter I’ve been a busy bee, by both defending feminists from the online any swarms of woman-hating wasps (oh, interwebs, you so funny) and retweeting contests that offer books I’m DYING to read.

I’ve been stalking all the posts about assholes selling ARCs that they got from BEA (dudes, just be happy you got to go there. This girl can’t afford to yet…) and feeling sad for the authors and astounded that any book-lover would do something like that.

I decided that I’m going to try something new since my lazy ass won’t review books as regularly as necessarily; something that I’m quite excited about (#grammarfail) because it’ll keep me posting interesting thingy-ma-bob-ers: reviews of book series that I’ve read rather than planning on reviewing individual books that I never get around to. The problem is that I read faster than I can blog so my blog has been put on the back burner, even though it’s one of the things I love most.

I’ve hit another reading slump, where my time has been devoted to Hulu, where I fry my brain cells with way too much TV. It’s to the point where I’m worried my brain won’t be able to handle reading. Which me luck, peeps, that I’ll be once again become my true self and have my head in a book and this blog.

I haven’t been following up with my reading challenges, which I believe may be part of the reason why I haven’t been reading. I was so excited to participate but then work got in the way and I totes forgot that’s what I was doing.

As for this coming week, I’m hoping to review one or two books I’ve received from publishers, starting with The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy and The League of Regrettable Superheroes by Quirk Books, one of my favorite publishers of all things awkward and awesome.

I also have to get my ass in gear and keep up with all my other social media for this blog (Tumblr, Twitter, this freaking blog, Instagram, Facebook, Google + and all that jazz) because I absolutely LOVE social media and I’ve been sad that I’ve been away for this long. (To the right and the bottom of this post  you’ll find the buttons to follow my lovely self so check them and in case they’re more your thing than this.)

Keep checking back for more memes, Sunday Posts’, book hauls, and reviews! Follow me on any of the social media thingies that you are glued to, much like I am. I’m considering doing another Booktube post on my new channel (links to follow if I do act on that) so I shall keep you posted on those developments. While I love recording my reading via video, the editing process is beyond me and incredibly frustrating so I’ll probs be sticking with my written blog for the most part.

Whelp, be sure to follow me on some form of social media to keep up with the books I’m reading (like reading my picture journal on Instagram). Or, you could Tumbl(r) into my other blog (get it, GET IT I’M SO FUNNY GET IT). I’m also on Twitter if none of these be your thang as well as Facebook and YouTube (but I’m not actively updating it). Oh, also, Pinterest, the Destroyer of My Lunch Breaks. 

Peace, homies, and super-duper happy reading to you!

Teaser Tuesday Memes

Teaser Tuesday

Ensign Davis thought, Screw this, I want to live, and swerved to avoid the land worms. But then he tripped and one of the land worms ate his face and he died anyway.

This book is hilarious. I grew up watching Star Trek TOS so as soon as I saw this book I knew that it was something I had to read. A friend bought me this book for my birthday and I’m very happy to finally read it!

We all know what happens here…


Friday Memes (On a Saturday)

Friday Finds

Friday Favorites
I’m currently reading Heir of Fire, the third book in The Throne of Glass series. I absolutely love the covers! I think they’re beautiful and def fit the fantasy genre. It’s a bit of foreshadowing, too, I think, after having read the first two books.

Book Beginnings on Fridays

Hail and welcome to all whose paths have led to the pages of this book! If you’re here, you’re probably a magickal practitioner of some sort. You might be eclectic or you might follow an established tradition; you might honor four elements, seven, or none; you might worship the sun or the moon; you might be seer, lorekeeper, or spellcaster; you might be solitary or a member of a robust and thriving circle. Regardless of tradition, what connects all magickal practitioners is the practice of magick itself.

(See below.)

 For Falling behind on Friday
Oh lord, there are so many that I have to read. I’m going to pick with my eyes closed and say that I want to explore Crafting Magick with Pen and Ink. As an aspiring author myself and someone who is looking into witchcraft this book fits perfectly with all my likes. The idea that your words have power is very cool, and I’m excited to explore that part of me.

With the help of this book, your writing and magickal skills will expand and grow…You will be a true magickal writer.”–Richard Webster, award-winning author of Write Your Own Magic Would you like to craft your own Book of Shadows? Write a story? Create Pagan rituals or Wiccan spells for special occasions? And ultimately infuse your writing with added beauty, style, and power? Get your creativity flowing as you step into a boundless world where magick comes alive through the written word. Clear, step-by-step instructions will guide you through each phase of creating beautiful and powerful magickal works. – Drumming up ideas – Keeping a magickal journal – Freewriting – Choosing a composition form – Revising drafts to a refined polish This book on magickal writing offers an array of exercises, tips and terms, and writing samples to help you craft stories, devotional poems, spells, chants, prayers, blessings, meditations, and rituals. By mastering the techniques in this book, your every word will crackle with energy, vibrancy, and true power.

Memes: W.W.W. and Wishlist Wednesday

It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for more memes!


I did the WWW meme last Wednesday and my answers sure have changed since them. I predicted I’d be reading City of Stairs or Fiddlehead. I was half right, I went on to read Fiddlehead after Suffer the Children and then I finished it yesterday so now I’m reading Throne of Glass, which I definitely did not see coming.

I was having a down day so I bought myself a book from Barnes and Nobel to cheer myself up. (I’m cheered up now!) Loving this book so far. I’ve been focusing on Scifi so I haven’t read much fantasy as of late, it used to be my favorite genre. Throne of Glass is a great book to get me back into fantasy.

I have a few books to read (I have yet to make my BookTube BookHaul on the Friends of the Library books I got) so it’s going to be whatever catches my eye first. If I finish Throne of Glass before my Book Outlet books get here then I’ll probably move on to City of Stairs though that may change, depending on what catches my eye. Basically, there’s almost no way to predict what I’ll be reading next but it’s still fun to do so!

Keep an eye out for my review of Fiddlehead and a written review of Suffer the Children (I linked up above to my YouTube video review).

Wishlist Wednesday

I cannot wait to own all of The Mortal Instruments series. I have yet to read even the first but from what I’ve read it looks like a series I’d very much enjoy. I’m going to have to wait a while to get it until after my *gasp* oral surgery because this operation is going to leave me dirt-poor but I have high hopes for this series, and the series also by this author (I’m assuming it’s Steampunk) The Infernal Devices.