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Books you should read if you liked…   Thank you to The Broke and Bookish for creating this awesome “Top Ten Tuesday” meme. It is by far my favorite weekly book meme. I’m going to (gently) throw some spectacular books that … Continue reading

Pornographic Tarot and the (admittedly) Less Interesting Books I got this Past Week.

Something I did not anticipate when I purchased the Royo Dark Tarot Deck: a pornographic deck. Not that I’m complaining, there’s plenty of female eye candy. To Royo: thank you. Thank you for that little, unexpected treat. There will be a review of this deck of Tarot, but that’s for later, when I have more experience using them.

The second book I got from Netgalley in the form of an ebook: The Girl from the Well. Creepy stuff, man. Well, at least in the beginning. Click here to see my video review. 

Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of The Girl I requested the second book, The Suffering because I need to continue the story, even if the ending of the first book was pretty definite. 

I then ordered from Amazon Writing Monsters and The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer’s Guide to Character Expression. The latter is a reference book that I haven’t even skimmed through yet (I’m heightening the anticipation), the former is not so much a reference book as a workbook.

Finally, I requested a second title from Netgalley, Anodea Judith’s Chakra Yoga. She’s an author I’m familiar with, having read her (arguably) most popular book The wheels of Life, a book that introduces readers to their Chakra system and how to care for it. I actually requested this one on accident, I thought I was requesting Tarot and the Chakras. #Fail 

Regardless, I now have a wealth of books to keep me occupied for some time. Unfortunately, I have many of those so while I’m reading I’m constantly distracted by my other books. #CommonReaderProblems