Tarot of the Night Deck Review

17760227My first reaction to this deck was excitement. Tarot of the Night comes in a large, sturdy box
that opens when a ribbon is pulled.This box is clearly meant to be kept along with the deck, a box that I won’t be throwing out in favor of a muslin bag that I store most of my decks in. Inside the box is a thick 256 page book; a book larger than any that has come with the decks I have thus far.

The box is what drew me into this deck. Instead of a booklet that brushes over the different meaning of the card in bullet form, this book told a vivid story of what each card could mean when drawn for the querent–the same was true with the spreads included in the back. I found that if I wanted to get the quick meaning of each card, if, for instance, I didn’t have time to read the story, I was better off going to my Tarot for Life or Tarot for Dummies book to refresh my memory quickly.

This deck worked with what it got: graphics on par with the Sims 2, not a “plus” in my book (or should I say deck?). While there is realistic shadowing for the rough shapes, there are too few facial expressions for my liking. The cards differ from each other in the sense that some card place all the focus on an individual, living or dead, while many others use the background to tell a story in the card.

I absolutely loved that there were so many ghosts in this deck. I’ve been dying to get my hands on a deck that incorporates ghosts and the like but I didn’t expect it in this deck, though in hindsight it makes perfect sense that a “Tarot of the Night”. There are some cards that seem out of place, like the King of Swords, for instance, that highlights a man standing with his hands on his hips, looking at the artist and, quite frankly, I’m not totally sure what to do with that.

The back of the cards are hard to decipher. At first glance I just thought the back of the card depicted a burning hourglass, which is true, but I didn’t see the skeleton on fire within the hourglass. It’s a clear indication, in my book, that it’s to remind us that we only have so long in this life so we must take advantage of what we’ve been given.

Each Tarot card has the number of both the major and minor arcana, as are court cards. There is no way to mistake which 10 card belong with the “swords” and which 10 card is a wand. The benefit of this is that it’s easy for a beginner to learn how to read this deck, as it is for the advanced readers as well. I appreciated the ease of the reading of each card.

True to my belief is what the author says is the purpose and application of the Tarot, The Tarot cards won’t get you there; you will, but insight into possibilities is a valuable tool if it is properly applied. Frankly put, you can’t sit on your ass all day expecting the love of your life to find you. Rather, it may give you some indications of what to look for and suggestions on how to make your future turn into one that pleases you.


  • Sturdy paper that won’t bend easily
  • Small pixels so that the illustrations are smooth
  • Most were simplistic
  • Beautiful story for each card, something I’ve never experienced before


  • Graphics weren’t well done
  • Very few facial expressions, unlike other decks like the Happy Tarot or Tarot Gothic, also by Schiffer Publishing
  • Graphics were on par with the Sims 2

Buy this deck if you like dark fantasy. The cards are literally dark in the sense that each is highlighted with a black background and also because most of the cards are dominated by death of some sort, whether it’s a collection of skeletons or ghosts interacting with the living.

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