TBR Thursday

I have a huge TBR list. Well, actually it’s books on books scattered all around my house, and I keep adding more. To combat the endless stream of books coming into my life, I’m going to resolve to read a book I buy every month, to put those purchases to good use. Here’s what I’m planning on reading in the next week, while I heal from my outpatient .tooth extraction to combat the raging infection.

  1. Unearthed: My mother bought this for me yesterday so that I would stress out less about my upcoming surgery. Not looking forward to being cut open, but I am excited to open this book! I got it from the campus bookstore at 30% off because it’s a bestseller–WIN.

amie kaufman, meagan spooner, illuminae, gemina

  1. Once Upon a Time: Regina Rising: I bought Red’s Tale in this series and read it a few years ago during Black Friday. LOVED IT. While it wasn’t a work of art, it was entertaining and well worth the read. I’m going to read this book. Once Upon A Time: Regina Rising, Toliver Wendy, fairytale retelling, fairy tail retelling, snow white
  2. Otherworld: A book I bought during Black Friday (the best time of the flilppin’ year) by judging it by its cover. Here’s to hoping it’s as good as it looks!

Otherworld, Jason Segel, science fiction, scifi, YA, young adult scifi


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