Ten Authors I’ll Buy from Regardless of the Book

Iiiiiiits Top Ten Tuesday and today the topic is Top Ten Of Your Auto-buy Authors (no matter the genre or what it’s about…you’ll buy it from these authors!).

This is quite easy now that I’ve been reading fiction that I buy, rather than check out from the library. Until I recently wracked up $118 in library fines I’d only been checking books out from the library. Then, I realized how much money I could save by, you know, buying the book instead of paying fines. Now that I have gift cards again there are some authors I’d buy from automatically like:

1. Sarah J Maas: While I didn’t love her series Throne of Glass, I’m still planning on buying her book that’s about to come out, the fourth book in that series. Even though I gave her series a glowing review, looking back on it I realize how flippin’ annoying the main character was. Regardless, her new book is MINE. 

Because I thought I loved the Throne of Glass series, I bought the ACOTAR that just came out. Now that was a good book. It had the wonderful love triangle that I’m so fond of and, while not much of it was original, it was still entertaining. Would I re-read it? Eventually.  

2. Patricia C. Wrede: One of my fave authors while I was growing up. Absolutely loved the Dealing with Dragons series (of which I’ll be reviewing eventually on this blargh) and I can’t wait for her to come out with moar fantasy books.

3. Tamora Pierce: This one I’m not so sure about. She is another author I grew up reading and loved the Song of the Lioness series but after following her on Goodreads, I got quite annoyed with her posts. 

4. Garth Nix: Cool guy; cool books.

5.  Melinda Salisbury: I’ve read a whopping one of her books but I thought the story was pretty darn cool, and unique. Would love to read more.

6. Sarah Raasch: I have yet to finish her book, Snow like Ashes, but I’m thoroughly entertained, even though I keep putting the book down, and I like her writing style; it flows well and makes for an easy read. 

7. Judy Hall: A New Age author who wrote The Crystal Bible, which I reviewed here. She’s written a few other bibles, that I’ll probs be reading (The Illustrated Guide to Crystals). She also wrote a book on healing crystals that I own and have read.

8. Brandon Sanderson: Read and reviewed The Rithmatist. It’s now one of my fave YA books. 

9. Jeff Vandermeer: Bro who wrote Wonderbook, a book I was lucky enough to receive from the publisher for review and a book that I will be referring to as I write. He also has written several books on Steampunk, one of my fave genres. 

10. Robert Kirkman: Author and creator of The Walking Dead, by far my favorite graphic novel series. I own compendium one & two and will be picking up the third the minute it comes out. 

What are your favorite authors? Will you be reading any of the books I’ve reviewed or works by the authors I’ve mentioned?

*Note: Click on the links above and you’ll see my reviews/mentions of the books/authors I’ve discussed in this post.