Top Ten Tuesday! Top Ten Characters Who are Strong Females

This Top Ten Tuesday I got to fill in the blank for “Top Ten Characters Who ___” so I chose what appeals most to me in a book: strong female characters. You’ll notice that many of the strong females here come in pairs. In no particular order:

1) Ginny Weasely (Harry Potter)– When Harry is away she takes charge and leads a revolution instead of moping and trying to kill herself. *cought* Twilight *cough*

2) Hermione (Harry Potter)–If you’ve read Harry Potter you know why I’ve included her. She’s smart and Harry and Ron even admit that she is the mastermind behind all their success.

3) Eona (Eon)– A girl who knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to take what was hers. She went against men and won.

4) Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)– Just the bravest girl ever. Sacrifices herself for her sister and later on another person she loves. 

5) Primrose Everdeen (The Hunger Games)– When the war took place she was out on the field, putting her life in danger in order to save lives that weren’t hers.

6) Alana (Song of the Lioness)– Like Eona she passes for a man in order to get what she wanted.

7) Princess Cimorene (Dealing with Dragons)– Saves her own life several times over and and ends up in a position of power. One of her pet peeves is when men try to rescue her. She doesn’t need rescuing, darn it!

8) Briar (Boneshaker)– The mother of a child who, in this Steampunk novel, goes across the wall into the poisoned air, a world infested with zombies. She races after him alone and doesn’t stop until she’s with her son and gets him to safety.

9) Alexia Tarabotti (Soulless)– Another badass woman, but this one doesn’t have a soul. That doesn’t make her heartless or any less caring about people (**SPOILER ALERT** she falls in love with a werewolf after all) and she takes on anyone who threatens her. 

10) Tera Patrick (Love and Porn)– She’s not a character, she’s an actual person writing a memoir but I had to add her because she’s so unique. She took charge of her career and sexuality.