Under the Roses Lenormand

Under the Roses Lenormand Book Cover Under the Roses Lenormand
Divination deck
Kendra Hurteau and Katrina Hill
U.S. Games Systems
April 18th 2014
Deck of cards
39 cards (alternative multiples for three traditional cards)
U.S. Games Systems for review


I’ve wanted this deck since like ever

Under the Roses Lenormand deck was the first one I found as soon as I started looking for Lenormand decks. I’m relatively new to Lenormand but I’m catching on quickly. U.S. Games System sent me this deck for review and I can’t tell you how excited I was to get Under the Roses Lenormand. I just couldn’t wait. While I impatiently and obsessively checked the mail for this deck, I procured my first deck, Maybe Lenormand. I couldn’t wait for Under the Roses because as soon as I learned about Lenormand, I ordered The Essential Lenormand: Your Guide to Precise and Practical Fortunetelling. I absolutely had to get started ASAP, just like this review. Let’s get the ball rollin’ so I can tell you all about Under the Roses.

Why this deck rocks

There are many reasons I like this deck, but there’s one that trumps all the others: there are keywords written in cursive in the backdrop of the art. The keywords are so light that they’re almost unnoticeable, but once you see them, it’s easy to read. I found that this was actually a nearly perfect starter deck. When I first started doing Lenormand I was told to get an easy deck. I chose Under the Roses Lenormand because it was beautiful. I didn’t regard the advice my coworker gave me when she told me about Lenormand but, once I received the deck from U.S. Games System I was pleased to discover that I made the best decision for learning my craft. I did a sample spread with Under the Roses and I was able to pick the keywords that fit that drawing that I wanted to use with those cards in the future with the aid of the faint letters in the background of the card.

What makes Under the Roses Lenormand worthy of praise:

Maybe Lenormand has a small cutout of the playing card that is associated with the Lenormand card. Under the Roses Lenormand also has the number corresponding to the playing card but a smaller cutout with simply the suit noted by the number. These cards are significantly smaller than Tarot cards, though not much smaller than the Halloween Tarot. As I noted in my review of The Halloween Tarot, however, those Tarot cards are unusually small.

Color concentration: red and green

Under the Roses is printed on thick card stock of high quality (think the opposite of Tarot Gothica) and, though the theme is rather dark, the colors of the rose are very vibrant. That being said, even the darker colors that are common with this deck are vibrant. A reoccurring color is, obviously red, but also green. The whip, for instance, depicts a woman with red hair and a green bodice. Aside from the colors that are necessary to depict those of all races, you’ll find that there are no other colors besides parchment, green, and red.

Three cards have alter-egos of a sort: the child, the lady, and the gentleman. Each of those cards either depict a person of color or a white person.  I am pleased at the diversity. In YA fiction you’ll find that there isn’t much diversity in race so I was happy to find that this deck was inclusive. None of the other decks I own, of both Tarot and Lenormand, have anyone other than white people. I hope that this deck feels more inclusive to people of any race. As a white person, I can’t comment on the effect the diversity of people of color in these cards. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Under the Roses Lenormand comes in a small, card stock box of paper that isn’t as sturdy as the cards themselves. But that doesn’t detract from the quality of this deck. Because I’ve had these cards with me at all times since I got them in the mail, the box is a mess. However, the box doesn’t matter as long as it protects the cards from the damage that my purse and book bag. It holds up well enough to shelter the cards.

My pleasure

It was my pleasure reviewing this deck for U.S. Games System. Under the Roses Lenormand is an absolutely beautiful deck of Lenormand cards but that’s not the only reason to get this deck. The keywords subtly printed within the card makes this deck perfect for beginners while the color themes and the well-drawn figures of the traditional Lenormand cards make this deck a pleasure to read.

Under the Roses Lenormand


Quality of Card


    Print quality of deck


      Ease of Use


        Ease of reading



          • Easy for beginners--keywords in background
          • Quality, durable paper
          • fits in a pocket of my purse


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