Things That Will Make Me Instantly Want to Read a Book

top ten tuesday, memeWhat I want to read

I love this question and when I first started this list I thought it would pretty much only be “The cover” and “The title” but it turns out there are many reasons I want to read a books, things that I didn’t realize I was looking for.

Books I’ll look for that I want to read

Now that I’m aware of my likes and dislikes, this is probably going to make choosing books easier, but it also means that I may not pick certain books. Now that I know a little more about me, I hope to expand my reading portfolio and try to want to read books that don’t match what I’m necessarily looking for. That being said, knowing what I’m looking for also gives me insight into what books I should pick. The last two sentences contradict each other, I realize, but they are both true. The former is wishful thinking, the latter is more realistic.

Without further ado, here’s what I look for in a book:

  1. The cover is by far the biggest one
  2. The title is only slightly less important than the cover
  3. When I see a book that reminds me of another I’ve read
  4. A well-known author I’ve either read or heard about
  5. An author I’ve read, even if I didn’t love their books
  6. Anything from a BookTube haul!
  7. Something a non-reader friend likes, though this isn’t as common as I’d like
  8. Often the font of the title and the feel of the book
  9. A blurb on inside of the dust jacket
  10. Something I’ve seen over and over and over and OVER in the blogosphere
  11. Anything with a terrifying cover

How about you? What makes you want to read a book? And what makes you not want to read a book? That list will be coming up shortly.

Here’s a list of future and past Top Ten Tuesdays. Do with it as you will.

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