ZOMG It’s 2016! You get to vote on the books I’ve read :D

I was going to start out by saying, “How did this happen so fast??” but I actually saw this coming. 2015 felt like such a freakin’ long year, I couldn’t wait for it to be over and for the new year to start. I needed a blank slate, on many levels. After a while things start to pile up, like my TBR pile, for instance. And, on top of that, for some reason my 2015 Goodreads challenge didn’t update my books. It said I read 50/75 books for months. It quite sad, really, I wanted to watch my count go higher and higher.

This year my Goodreads challenge is still to read 75 books in the year 2016. I know, it’s not much, especially compared to other Book bloggers/tubers, but this woman can’t read any more than that with a full-time job! Maybe one day, but for now I need to be slow and steady.

As of early this morning I started reading Dream Strider and I’m excited to have it be my first book of 2016! The plan was to read the whole thing today but I’ve been blogging and watching the New Years Parade with the family so that probs ain’t going to happen today.

I want this year to be a huge reading year. Well, I want every year to be a heavy-reading year but this year especially, as I get used to a new job and (hopefully) a new apartment.

You’ve seen the challenges I’ll be participating in this year: A Series a Month, Rock my TBR, and one or two others that I’m still trying to decide among. They promise to be great fun and keep my reading growing. I’m especially excited for A Series a Month because there are SO many series I’ve started and haven’t finished, and ones that I don’t own the full set of (Barnes and Noble, here I come!). I took pictures of the series I’m considering, though it’s quite likely some of those will change.

Something I’m very excited about: I implemented a new plugin for you guys. You get to rate the book that I review when you’ve read it. Look above ^ I want to hear what you thought of the books that I’ve read!

Happy New Year of Reading, you all!

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